Movember 2013

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TSM Info

The first hopeful sprouts of the 'stache surfaced quietly on a cold, gunmetal gray day in Minneapolis. 2010-Mischa Suemnig began chipping tunes from the frozen muse of February. Mischa was accompanied by trusted virtuoso Darren Jackson and drummer Mike Hinton. Jackson was beckoned to Bison, South Dakota (don't ask). And so, The Tom Selleck's Moustache Traveling Minstrel Emporium moved a bit west. Once instrumental tracking was complete, Suemnig hauled the record back to Mpls for editing with Lance Conrad.

Next came a vocal sojourn to Nashville to work with Neilson Hubbard. Tom Selleck's Moustache twitched uncontrollably to the strains of veteran singers Hannah Miller, Betsy Ulmer and Hubbard himself.

The project flew back north to be mixed by the spectacular NoWare team (Eric Olson, Scott LeGere) with mastering by the maestro himself, Bruce Templeton (The Plastic Constellations, Dillinger Four). Three years+ Suemnig releases his lovechild to the world. He offers it humbly and proudly and with 'stache fully groomed.

Music Video

Gorilla Moustaching